You Should Be Flexible And Discipline When You Make Your Thesis

The title or theme of the thesis is actually a lot, but not infrequently many students often waver until it takes months just to find and choose a title. Believe me, there is no ideal title, too difficult to do or it will be easy if done. All have their own level of complexity, whatever the theme and title. The principle is to immediately decide which titles will be submitted and work immediately.
Conditions that often occur, many fast students in study courses, on average completed 4 years, but to complete the thesis rarely can be completed in 1 semester. Yes, the experienced Student advise that you should finish it as soon as possible.

In order to make it easier to do the thesis later, the easiest thing is to take the title of what we understand well and around us. From here you just add the method you can do just like completing the course.

Also, avoid looking for titles that are too difficult and difficult to solve. Don’t be too idealistic, especially undergraduate thesis, just take the important principle to graduate quickly, because the thesis makes scientific research, not a race to find the most difficult title.

Make a Schedule of Completion Time and Place Targets Must Be Completed 1 Semester

It should be noted that in order to succeed we must have a target, not only in the world of work but also must have started since college. Thesis completion targets are one of the most appropriate examples for final-year students. Targets can be made in the form of a weekly “time schedule” that is useful so that the preparation of the thesis can be done to the maximum extent possible and not delayed.

If you are confused about making a time schedule, the following tips can be tried:

Lecturer consultation related to the schedule of lecturers who guide our thesis report.

Set your own schedule for guidance from the lecturer’s leisure schedule.

Ideally, the thesis guidance consultation is when the lecturer has finished teaching or a fairly long break. Usually, Monday lecturers are often busy with class schedules, but after entering Thursday-Friday, the schedule often starts to lose and many hours are empty. Take advantage of hours like this.

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