Tips For Setting Up Camping For Beginners

Many things come into consideration when deciding to camp first. Starting from what is the best camping gear for people who hate camping, what foods should be eaten, safe or not at camping locations, tense night situations, and other considerations.

# 1 Make sure you don’t camp alone This is not a matter of fear or courage, but a standard of safety procedure. We recommend that you camp with three people, one of whom is experienced and understands the principles of outdoor activities. Try to invite friends who are active in scouting and camping experiences.

If something happens to you or one of the small camp participants, then others can help.

# 2 Choose a safe camping location Choose a location that has been recommended by many camping hobbyists. Make sure security and facilities are well available. Beginners should camp with good facilities and security that is maintained.

# 3 Plan how long to camp The duration of the camping must be well planned. First time camping try camping 2 days 1 night, or 3 days 1 night.

How long the plan will be related to costs, logistics, equipment. By determining the amount of camping time, we can estimate the number of supplies we must carry. So as to avoid the conditions of logistical shortage or excess.

# 4 Prepare standard camping equipment After we determine the camping time, the next step is to prepare the camping gear that is needed. Basic items on camping that can’t be left behind.

Choose a tent that is practical but comfortable and strong like a dome tent. Want large or small tailored to the needs. The most important thing is comfortable and strong from rain attacks (anti-rain) and wind.

# 5 Study location situations and weather forecasts Check the weather on the day of departure. By knowing the weather we can anticipate from the beginning when the weather is indeed not expected, such as rain.

Don’t forget, study the location situation, especially the evacuation directions in the event of an emergency.

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