There Are 3 Tips To Make Effective Online Ad Banners

Clickable ad banners on the internet have actually appeared since the 1990s. And until now, this banner ad is still a favorite for marketers. This is because the development of online advertising banners continues to change. Starting from the size, display design to the payment model is what makes advertising banners still in demand. Apart from that, if you prefer to make online ads on OTT websites or apps, we recommend you to hire a trustworthy ott advertising company.

If you want to create effective online banner advertisements, you can try these 3 tips:

1. Show Many Products

According to the results of a survey and analysis of experts, online advertising banners that display pictures of 12 products are 20% more effective than those that only display 3 products. While ad banners displaying 2 products only get 17% and 4 products only get 15%.

Even so, experts revealed that 12 products displayed on one banner ad hardship products that are in great demand. In addition, with the increasing number of products displayed on one banner ad will make more marketers give offers to customers.2.

2. Logo Placement Needs to Be Considered

Perhaps there are still many marketers who are indifferent to this little thing: logo placement. But apparently according to the expert’s survey, ads that display the logo on the bottom side of the banner are 7% more effective at inviting clicks than those who place the logo in the top position.

According to professionals, this is because the logo embedded on a banner is not aligned with the current version of the banner ad. And in some cases, it was revealed that it turned out that a smaller logo compared to the content of the offer and the contents of the message received a positive response. That is, it is better to emphasize the offer given to customers than to highlight the brand logo.

3. Attractive Visual Display

Experts also conducted research on more than 6 e-commerce sites in some developing countries and found that visual displays are very attractive to customers. This means that online advertising banners need to be created and designed as attractive as possible, both in terms of color selection and offering content. Professionals also mentioned that marketers in some developing countries prefer to feature discounts or discounts on ad banners.

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