There Are Considerations Of Choice Between Motorcycle Bags And Boxes

For those of you who like touring with motorbikes, motorcycle boxes or motorcycle bags are certainly no stranger. Both are very functional to carry lots of goods and supplies during the trip. Both also have advantages and disadvantages to each. Well, for those of you who are still confused about wanting to use a motorbike box or bag, let’s see tips on choosing it as needed. As we know, motor boxes such as those made by Kappa, GIVI and others are made of hard materials, both hard plastic, aluminum or even stainless steel. Each of course for different needs and durability. Not only motorcycle boxes, but these manufacturers also produce variants called soft luggage or can also be referred to as the best motorcycle backpacks. The difference with the motor box is from the material used. Yup, motorcycle bags use materials like backpacks.

First, let’s first discuss motorcycle bags, aka soft luggage. Launching from Ride Apart, motorcycle bags have several advantages. As a lightweight and easy installation, because it only uses a zipper or even a clamp-like buckle clip.

Motorcycle bags are also more easily adjusted and adjusted. In addition, because the motorcycle bag does not require a bracket or special holder, then you can install and remove easily on various types of motorcycles.

But, motorcycle bags also have some disadvantages, friend. First, you must pay attention to installation. Make sure your motorcycle bag is tightly attached and does not shift, yes. Also, note that the bag does not come into contact with the muffler and chains or moving parts of the motorcycle.

Unlike a motorcycle bag, the motor box in some countries is still more popular. Apart from being more sturdy and making the motorbike look cool, the motorcycle box is also easier to find and has many choices.

About the price, motorcycle boxes are indeed sold more expensive, it’s depending on the quality of the material and its capacity.

Installing a motorcycle box is indeed not easy, especially before installing it, the frame or bracket must be made first. In addition, the motorcycle box also has a heavier weight, so that it will add to the burden of the motorcycle itself.