The Key In Texting Women Is Respect

Most men today are obsessed with being the Prince Charming but that would not get you very far especially in texting a girl you like. Not that manner is not important, but don’t overdo it. You do not need to flatter too much, offer this and that or act protective. Behave properly, prioritize yourself, don’t drop your dignity just because you want to be considered a gentleman or a classy man. Focus on yourself and your business, let her know that you have objectives that you must work on. It’s not just a matter of approaching a girl but also in daily life, you have to be able to determine your priorities. Your education, career, health and future planning are your priorities. Keep yourself busy with these things, not your crush or she will think that you are obsessing over her and have no job other than texting her.

You do not need to say yes to all invitations, tell her that you have priorities that you must do. In this way, you show that you are a responsible and mature man. Aren’t men like that the ideal man for women? But you also need to remember that you don’t need recognition or acceptance. Many people nowadays are looking for acceptance Most people do something because they want to be recognized or accepted in their social groups. If you want to be a unique and interesting person, you have to go against the flow. Find your passion, pursue and make your identity.

Once again, don’t be afraid to say ‘no, thanks!’. If you approach a girl in a particular event where you will remain in the same place for some time such as weddings, seminars or training, then you must understand the tactics of walk-in and walk-out. That is, you must limit your interaction with the prospect of your crush, when your conversation begins to decrease in intensity, leave it and do other activities. If you are at a party, you can also greet your friends or other acquaintances, then return to her. When the conversation starts to loosen up, do this tactic again. If you do it right, your prospective crush will find you attractive and challenging for her. But, you still have to remember, that a woman’s heart is not a toy, respect woman.