How to Get VVIP Antares Condo Showflat Viewing Tips

The Antares Condo showflat is located in Mattar Road Singapore that perfect for young families. This condo designed with a premium taste and great architecture which gives layout is highly attractive and distinctive. You will have access to a wide set of amenities from its strategic location, such as luxurious restaurants, shopping malls, and also elite schools within the surroundings of the condo.

For those who want to buy a new condo showflat, here are some tips on how to get VVIP viewing of this condo showflat.

Tips How to Get VVIP Viewing

1. VVIP Viewing

Having an exclusive and premium residential is probably everyone’s dream. The Antares condo showlat located in a strategic location that offers you beautiful views of amenities in the surroundings. An early appointment is usually good if you wish to book an exclusive VVIP Viewing of this condo showflat. The reason is you will have high chances of exploring a wide range of showflat units before sales. The viewing appointment will allow you to feel and touch the luxurious and fine taste of this development condo. You can contact the sales team to schedule a meet-up or discussion before you visit the gallery of showflat.

2. The Central Provident Fund (CPF)

The Central Provident Fund or known as CPF is a savings plan that is compulsory for all Singaporeans working. Not only for working but also compulsory to permanent residents. The Central Provident Fund is important for funding healthcare, housing, and retirement needs. Before you purchase for the Antares condo showflat, it is important to know and understand the exact CPF that you can use for certain property purchase.

So it is important for to check out the information before purchasing a new condo showflat for future investment. That’s some tips about how to get VVIP viewing of Antares condo.

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